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There'd better be Oxy in that christmas Bon Bon!

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Dad snores on the lounge in his underpants while I watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ from the floor. It isn’t though, it isn’t a wonderful life, not at all.’ Blisteringly honest & searingly raw, Terri Campbell takes us on the brutal journey of growing up in the 70s in Sydney’s western suburbs as a flat-chested chicken-legged kid with vicious parents addicted to booze and pills; where dogs make babies by giving each other a piggy back and Santa arrives on the back of John from next door’s ute. Not for the faint-hearted. This is the story of survival of a kid who thinks she’s fucking nothing, who’s only real friend is a tree and how love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

––ali whitelock, the lactic acid in the calves of your despair.

Some memoirs make you laugh; others make you cry. Terri Campbell’s story will make you do both-and shake your head with wonder. A uniquely Australia tale, beautifully written, with bone-tingling honesty.

-Tim Ayliffe Author of, The enemy within.

Clyde and Violet went mental with the freedoms of the1960’s and abandoned their post as parents. Clyde is a reckless drunk who thinks he is a gold medal Olympian. Violet is a sex-crazed goddess who could give Elizabeth Taylor a run for her money.

Terri’s life is complicated, and she is only nine. She does her best to keep the people she loves under control, but it’s a bit like herding seagulls. A defiant little shit, pain in the arse, that’s what she is according to her parents. Terri’s okay with that. She knows her rebellion will save her from the calamity of her parents.

Later in life, Clyde, a terminally ill addict, has something to say and it will change Terri forever.

From a writer and artist with degrees in psychology comes a chaotic, witty, tragic and heartfelt memoir about a girl who finds resilience and persistence can lead you out of calamity.

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