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Resilience can also come from Christmas bon bon's

There is little point in telling a true story if we can’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the telling.

I wrote this manuscript three times over 7 years. In the first draft, the voice was that of self protection. I protected myself by pushing the story off into the distance. It didn’t work. Anger dominated the second draft. I guess I was understanding the injustice in my life. It wasn’t overt fury, but sarcasm on overload. By the time I got to the third draft, I had grown through writing the experience, but also as a self-reflective person. I could see myself, almost for the first time, and rather than push my pain and vulnerability away, I embraced it and gave it a voice. The third draft is unashamedly honest. It is raw and untainted. It allowed everyone in my family, including me, to be human, very human, and in the end, I loved each of us all the more.

I am a strong woman, out of necessity, I guess, but I’m not hard. I love people for their flaws and vulnerability. We are all divine, majestic messes. Perfectionism is a disease that none of us need. Embrace the mess. It makes each of us so interesting.

In the end, I am glad I let my vulnerability speak up. It opened the door to joy, creativity, authenticity and self love. Acceptance is the secret to a peaceful life, acceptance of myself and my circumstances. And now, I just am….I am Terri, so nice to meet you!

Much Love T

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